Outsmarting And Outwitting The Economy

After reading the grim statistics, of over 50% of the Americans, being unable to buy groceries…I created this blog, showing the world it can be done, living your best life on pennies on the dollar!

You do not need to be a millionaire, in fact you will be eating and living better than those who are millionaires!

Millionaires have to work all the time! Everyone has a vacuum cleaner in the millionaire’s pockets, from those fake fashion designers (selling factory made goods) to the tax man!

Seriously, I do not think anyone wants to have more money, because of those with “vacuum cleaners”, on standby ready to take their money!

It takes some homework, to pick the right grocery store, on the right day and shop at the right time.

Here’s my Weis grocery store groceries, $86.31 cents worth for $51.76, saved $34.55 a 40% savings!

As you can see, I have boneless pork ribs, beef steaks, ground beef, boneless chicken breasts, london broil, sausage links, butter, eggs, english muffins, mini croissants, celery, baking potatoes, manwich sauce and tea bags. Not shown, also bought 3 boxes of muffin mixes and a box of 50% off marked down miniature doughnuts.

Here’s the proof…the receipt:

Yes, I used the store coupon from the flyer they mailed me, $7.00 off $35.00 purchase. Did a survey on last grocery shopping trip, to earn $2.00 off $40.00 purchase. That’s $9.00 off my grocery bill total!

In high school I took TWO years of gourmet cooking classes and natural foods cooking class for ONE year, making the highest grades, straight A’s!

The food that I cook is healthier, than a Michelin Star restaurant’s food…Their food is half cooked and overly salted…Not necessarily what you ordered, like the Kobe Beef, they substitute the meat with a cheaper cut of meat and price gouge you!

Who wants to be a millionaire, when you can work less,  while eating and living better than the millionaires, on pennies on the dollar?

This smart shopping lifestyle leaves the tax man crying, because you’re paying very little taxes!

We win!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist 🛒


My New Brita Water Filter Pitcher

My childhood, was spent growing up secluded, in the woods, getting in tune with nature and wildlife.

Thus the start of my being into ecology, wanting to protect nature and wildlife.

I flinch at the thought of buying bottled/jug water, in essence some of it is just filtered tap water.

The plastic bottles and/or jugs, depending upon what size of “bottled” water that  was bought, is filling our landfills, polluting our woods, hiking trails, streams, creeks, ponds, lakes, seas and oceans, it breaks my heart. The wildlife suffer and so do we, as water is a necessity for life.

Not everyone recycles those disposal plastic bottles/jugs of water.

There is a Recycle Room, in the basement of this apartment complex where I live, in a tony neighborhood.

Three times a week, I dump my bags full of cardboard boxes, paper and plastic jars/bottles, into the recycle containers, in the Recycle Room.

I have been wanting a Brita Water Filter Pitcher, for my new kitchen. I wanted it to be sleek and functional, since filtering your own tap water, should be fun!

Fell in love with this $79.99 Brita Water Filter Pitcher, on Jet. Com. I got it for $33.88! I saved $36.11!

Wait! There’s more! I signed onto Brita.Com, to get a water filter replacement reminder…They offer Brita Rewards! All you have to do is to buy a Brita water filter bottle/pitcher and upload your online receipt or store receipt, for points to use!

So I signed up for Brita Rewards. I now have 212 points, after Brita sent me an email giving me 200 points, for my Brita Water Filter Pitcher purchase! They give you surveys and other things, including recycling your water filters,  to earn more points!

Score! I checked the prices on Amazon on the Brita hard body water filter bottles…$21.00 each, retail price!

Why pay $42.00 for 2 Brita hard body water filter bottles, when I can get them FREE, using my Brita Rewards points? I made a profit, recouping the cost of buying my new water filter pitcher, at $33.88! A $8.12 profit! 

That’s not all, I used Swagbucks.Com, to order my Brita  Water Filter Pitcher, from Jet.Com. Swagbucks was giving 10 Swagbucks, per $1.00 spend at Jet.Com! I earned 34 Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is FREE to join, you earn Swagbucks and save them up. You can get gift cards, I use my Swagbucks to get Amazon gift cards! That’s how I built up my $400,000 eLibrary, buying FREE or low cost eBooks, via Amazon, using Amazon gift cards, earned from Swagbucks!

1) Shopped through Swagbucks, to order my Brita Water Filter Pitcher, from Jet.Com, earning 34 Swagbucks towards a future Amazon gift card.

2) Shopping on Jet.Com via Swagbucks, for my sleek new Brita Water Filter Pitcher, saved me $36.11.

Jet.Com has a $35.00 minimum purchase order, to earn FREE shipping. Ordered a few other things that I needed, to meet this FREE shipping requirement.

3) Signing onto Brita.Com, signed up for water filter replacement reminders.

Also signed up for Brita Rewards, did a few surveys and uploaded my online Jet.Com Brita Water Filter purchase receipt, to earn Brita Rewards points. Earned 212 Brita Rewards Points.

4) Once Brita sent me an email, that my Brita Water Pitcher purchase from Jet.Com was credited to my Brita Rewards account, I signed onto Brita.Com, to claimed 2 brand new Brita hard body water filter bottles, for FREE! A $42.00 savings!

This is what they call a QUADRUPLE dip!

I made my $33.88 dollars spent, earn me a PROFIT! Even the Stock Market cannot return an investment like this, within a few days! I made a PROFIT, on ZERO, as the Brita Water Filter Pitcher and the two Brita Water Filter Bottles, became FREE, making me a $8.12 PROFIT! Also, I earned 34 Swagbucks towards a future Amazon gift card! Who would not want $121.99 worth of Brita Water Filter Bottles/Pitcher, for FREE and make a PROFIT, too?

This is how I shop, this is why I am The Stock Market Shopping Strategist Blog Creator/Owner. I am also Foxy Frugalista, The Frugal Fashion and Beauty Blog Creator/Owner and Frugal Luxurious Interior Decorating Blog Creator/Owner.

That makes me the Frugal Luxurious Lifestyle Guru, living luxuriously, better than the millionaires, on pennies on the dollar. I earned that title.

Those other bloggers/vloggers cannot do what I do, living luxuriously on pennies on the dollar. This was my own deal, that I put together myself, without help or swiping off other bloggers.

Oh, I earn ZERO from blogging. As you can see, I blog to show others it can be done. Not doing this, to make myself famous and earn money, or use people. I care, to help educate those who want to live the Frugal Luxurious Lifestyle, a roof over your head, a well stocked kitchen and a joyous life,  on pennies on the dollar. You now hold the cards! A win!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist 🛒


Undercover Research As Why We Get Price Gouged Shopping

All my life, since I was a little girl, growing up poor, is not something I wish upon anyone.

I found ways of getting FREE to low cost food legally, when I was just 9 years old!

Thus my lifelong journey on finding solutions, to the injustice of stores price gouging customers.

Headlines are popping up everywhere lately, of stores either downsizing or going out of business, is proof that the customers have had enough!

Understandably, the stores have markups on their merchandise, to cover business expenses, employee salaries and making a profit in the process.

Fair enough, right? Wrong.

Why would something that’s true cost is .50 cents, cost nearly $5.00?

Red flags went up. I began digging, reading advertisements and reading everything!

What I discovered, is unbelievable! We as consumers, either get price gouged or short changed!

I nearly had a coronary, when I pulled out a grocery store’s “sales” advertisement.

This grocery store price gouges. The food doesn’t move, because of ridiculously outrageous pricing! Bought frozen rolls from this grocery store, get them home and those rolls were so old, that they refused to rise for me to bake them!

Anyways, on the front page of that grocery store’s “sales” advertisement, is a proud announcement. This price gouging  grocery store, donated over 500,000 pounds of meat, to the local food banks!!!!

Hear me out as I explain. If anyone steals from the stores, the cost is passed on to the innocent customers!

Guess who paid for this price gouging grocery store’s generously giving 500,000 pounds of meat, to the local food banks?

The customers! They got price gouged shopping at that grocery store, so that the grocery store can look generous, in donating 500,000 pounds of meat, to the local food banks!!!

I nearly burst an artery! This is just so wrong! Over 50% of the American families cannot afford to feed their families, it’s a choice between getting food or a having a safe roof over their heads!

We as consumers, have to get educated. Just because stores advertise “sale” stuff in their “sales” advertisements, does not mean it’s on sale! They put mostly regular priced merchandise in their “sales” advertisements, passing it off as it’s on “sale”!

There’s the old bait and switch, which is illegal. You see a product and there’s a sale price tag underneath it for the right product, they are supposed to sell it to you at that price. When you bring it to their attention, they balk at honoring the sale price, that they had attached to the shelf of the product, that  you want to buy!

A few days ago, I got short changed $8.00 at a drug store! A few weeks ago, a pizza parlor short changed me $15.00! It is becoming a common occurrence!

Add it all up, those stores and restaurants can bankrupt you, if you do not hold them accountable!

Buyer beware…Familiarize yourself with the true cost of consumer goods and watch your money like a hawk, or you will either get price gouged or short changed at the stores and restaurants!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist  🛒

A Homemade Godiva Chocolate Caramel Graham Cracker Pie For $3.00

Everyone knows Godiva Chocolates, are some of the finest chocolates in the world, with a pricey price tag.

That does not stop me from indulging, without having to break the bank to buy Godiva Chocolates!

Join me as I show you how I shop frugally and have Godiva Chocolates in my life:

I have THREE choices of Godiva Chocolate Instant Pudding Mixes to choose from:


White Chocolate

Chocolate Carmel

My mother picked the Godiva Chocolate Carmel Instant Pudding Mix.

It called for 2 Cups of COLD Milk, I used the Nido Whole Milk Powder Mix Milk, that I keep made up and chilled in the refrigerator. It costs .58 cents, a cup of milk.

Here is the cost analysis:

Godiva Chocolate Caramel Instant Pudding Mix, $1.38.

Wait, there’s a .55 cents Godiva Chocolate Pudding Mix Rebate, on Ibotta!

Godiva Chocolate Caramel Instant Pudding Mix, .83 cents

Graham Cracker Pie Crust, $1.00

2 Cups of chilled Nido Whole Powdered Milk made up, $1.16

Total Cost: $2.99, rounded up to $3.00 USD.

I tasted the Godiva Chocolate Caramel Pudding from the spoon, after pouring it into the graham cracker crust, to chill in the refrigerator, it is to die for! 😋

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist 🛒

Frugal Luxurious Lifestyle Living

From my floor office, armed with my iPhone, my laptop, my calculator, I put in the research and work, to be a true blue Frugal Shopper/Blogger.

Mommy bloggers/vloggers, cannot hold a candle to me. They copy other Mommy blogger/vlogger’s fake frugal content, for their blog/vlog.

You would be surprised. I once knew a Mommy blogger, who posted fake frugal content, just to make $13,000 a month, taking advantage of her readers!

This is just so wrong, as 50% of the Americans are struggling to provide for their families. Giving fake frugal advice, is taking advantage of mankind’s misfortunes, for financial gain!

I never intended to be a blogger, much less create and own SIX blogs, but I had enough of fake people being “frugal” bloggers/vloggers, taking advantage of the misfortunes of mankind.

My IQ is way above average, I can see what people are doing, taking advantage of people, using them to make themselves Social Media famous and making them money.

As I am writing this blog, I am reading mail and emails, scanning for frugal content.

Taking care of your well being, does not have to cost hundreds of dollars:

Hearing evaluation testing, normally $330.00 USD, for a limited time $45.00! Sign me up!

From my email, CVS is giving me FREE MONEY! $2.00 Extrabucks Coupon, loaded to my CVS Loyalty Card!

Are you excited yet? I am! Why? Follow my blog as I write a deal up:

CVS has a sale on 2 liter Pepsi, limit to 3, for .99 cents each! They normally retail for $2.09 each! That’s $6.27 worth of Pepsi for $2.97, when you buy three!

Remember, I have a $2.00 off Extrabucks Coupon, making three 2 liter Pepsis .97 cents!

Wait! I am not done yet:

When I buy three 2 liter Pepsis, Ibotta (Smarphone App) gives me a .65 cents rebate, credited to my account! Just scan the barcode and store receipt, you’re done.

How exciting is that?

Drum roll…For three 2 liter Pepsis, I pay .32 cents, that’s .11 cents per 2 liter Pepsi!

I just saved $5.95 easily, just for a few minutes of my time.

By shopping  this way, my time is figured in the hundreds of dollars an hour, without ever profiting off or using people, like those fake Mommy bloggers/vloggers do.

Thus my secret to my Frugal Luxurious Lifestyle Living, living better than the millionaires, on pennies on the dollar.

Enjoy this  journey with me, as I write this blog, to show you how easy it really is to be frugal, happy and healthy, on pennies on the dollar!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist 🛒

Beware Of Fake “Frugal” Blogs And Vlogs

I cannot stress this enough, those fake “frugal” blogs and vlogs, are misleading.

Wrong, just wrong to benefit off the misfortune of those trying to live a frugal life, by giving them false information.

Let’s start with the dollar stores. They are the worse places for those with little money to shop at, smaller sizes and when you calculate it, higher prices per ounce!

I am a rarity in the world of blogging. I do not mislead, by taking advantage of those struggling to live on little money, that they have left after paying their basic necessities, like rent.

This blog is free to read, I do not make one cent. Nor do I want to be “famous”, it’s just not my style to use people, to make myself “famous”. Real bloggers and vloggers, want nothing in return. Fake bloggers and vloggers, want sponsors, money and be “famous”.

By writing this blog, is to educate, by taking the blinders off, so no one can be bamboozled, for financial gain!

Being frugal, means being careful, by not shopping at the dollar stores, buying  “trial-size” stuff, that cost more per ounce. The idea of dollar stores, is to make it sound like great deals can be had there. Totally false, price gouging, is their specialty!

“Trial-size” stuff, means you run out sooner, going back to the dollar stores within days, to buy more, a repeating cycle of poverty!

This is just so wrong to falsely preach dollar stores, to those struggling to live on little money, trying to feed their families.

I have gotten free to low cost food, shopping elsewhere, more food for my money.

The key is to be armed with a calculator, start calculating the cost per ounce, you will get the shock of your life, of how much you are getting price gouged!

Warren Buffett, the billionaire, does not pay more than he has to, by being very aware of the prices. He still lives in the home, he bought in the 1950s!

That’s how Warren Buffett is a billionaire, he does not unnecessarily line the pockets of anyone. However, he generously gives to charity.

By taking back your power, getting educated and informed, no longer will anyone profit off you!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist




Prices Depend Upon The Location

As a creator, owner and blogger of this blog, I work very hard. Unlike most bloggers, I do my own research and trial and error discoveries.

Every week, I am revamping the way I shop, to keep up with the ever changing shopping experiences. If I do not keep up, I will be price gouged and state sales taxed, to where I barely survive!

I live in a tony neighborhood in the suburbs of Washington, DC. Believe it or not, shopping in a tony neighbor is much, much more cheaper!

On a recent outing, in my old neighborhood, I stopped into an international supermarket. Mind you this neighborhood is where most of the lower middle class, reside. I picked up an item and nearly went into a cardiac arrest at the price!

Allow me to explain. My tony neighborhood international supermarket, sells a huge can of Nido WHOLE Milk Powder Mix, for $16.99.

Would you believe in a “poorer” city, that same can of Nido WHOLE Milk Powder Mix, sold for $21.49! $4.50 more, per can!

This got me thinking. It’s not the stores, it’s the location that determines the prices of goods being up for sale, in the stores!

No wonder those with lower incomes are struggling, to feed their families and pay the rent! They are being unknowingly price gouged, thinking the “poorer” city, is a cheaper place to live and shop at!

It’s true, over 50% of the Americans, cannot afford groceries. It’s a choice of paying rent or buying groceries. Thus many families go hungry.

Why do I run this blog for FREE? I once grew up poor, the struggle of getting food to eat, is real. When your stomach is rumbling, you’re thinking about food all the time.

When I was 9 years old, I was feeding my parents and my brother! I found a way to legally get FREE food, store sales and doubling of manufacturers’s coupons!

As the Stock Market Shopping Strategist, it has been a lifelong learning experience, where survival depends upon my wits.

We control how much money we will pay, by finding better stores in “wealthier” neighborhoods, where the groceries are much cheaper, than the “poorer” neighborhood’s groceries!

Never fall into the marketing traps, thinking it’s a “poorer” city, therefore everything is cheaper. The same goes for big box stores, which I shall not name. Not cheaper!

It pays to do your research, your homework, when you are armed with the knowledge of the marketing traps, you are no longer a victim, to be price gouged and state sales taxed, to where your money is going to the wrong places, for the wrong reasons.

This discovery of the differences in prices in the “poorer” city, being higher than those in a “wealthier” city, was a shocking eye opener!

It was time for me to resume blogging, so others can benefit and save from my discoveries.

Stick with me, as I make more discoveries, by helping you to change the way you shop and start living better than before, on pennies on the dollar!

Brenda Lee, The Stockmarket Shopping Strategist