Hurrah! You’re Scoring The Deals! Watch Your Shopping Cart Like A Hawk!

Oh boy! It’s becoming a battlefield when I go shopping at stores! It’s ME they are tailing! Yes, I get stalked while shopping! Those lazy she-wolves, have been circling my shopping cart, waiting for me to turn my eyes off my shopping cart of deals!

This happened at Big Lots! today. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the she-wolf was trying to do! She had an approximately 2 1/2 year old little boy with her. Here she was hanging around me, around the COLLEGE Dorm organizers! Red flags went up! She inched near my shopping cart of deals, that I worked so hard to find in the store. I whipped around and grabbed my shopping cart, glaring at her! She looked so pissed off!

Big Lots! .50 Cent Mini Frying Pans, $4.20 Frying Pan Organizer, $1.00 Measuring Spoons

Even though, I could have told her off, there was the little boy. I took the high road and went and got checked out, getting out of the store and far, far away from that she-wolf!

Can Opener, at Big Lots! $1.75

That she-wolf was very lucky, that I didn’t mop the floor with her! I am so strong, that I broke a manual can opener last night, opening a can of red kidney beans, for my homemade chili! I now have a brand new manual can opener! The question is, how long before my strength destroys it?

Growing up across the street from the housing projects, I earned my street smarts! You do NOT want to try to shop from my shopping cart!  I am so strong that I picked up a grown man and slammed him into the wall, for decking me in the face! He never hit me again!😂😂

There was no way that lazy she-wolf was going to use me, for financial gain. I am aware of how some she-wolves operate. Lazy losers, that will “steal” from anyone’s shopping carts, buy the other person’s hard earned deals, turn around and sell, for a profit!

Trust me, I know how hard it is running a household. It’s like running a business. You have to watch the cash flow, making sure you have food, cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies and kitchen supplies.

You work so hard, to provide for your family, you most definitely do not need lazy losers, robbing you of your hard earned deals, from your shopping cart! That means your family has to do without! It’s unacceptable!

I am not “The Stock Market Shopping Strategist” for nothing. You have to be aware at all times, when you go shopping!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist 🛒


They Are Cracking Down On Unethical Shoppers!

Finally! About time they cracked down on unethical shoppers!

As an ethical blogger, I am an ethical shopper!

What I do, is responsible…I never was an Extreme Couponer and never was an Extreme Hoarder! Plus, I never ever turned around and sold anything from the stores, anywhere!

As you know what the Extreme Couponers are doing, is illegal! Some have been caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

Because of unethical shoppers, ethical shoppers are being looked at as crooks!

Number ONE, I do NOT steal from manufacturers and stores!

Wait a minute, but I get things for almost nothing. Yes, I do. But it’s done legally!

Coupon fraud, is committed by unethical shoppers:

Stealing coupon inserts out of newspapers they didn’t buy. Stealing coupon inserts from distribution centers, that put coupon inserts into newspapers.

Why do they do that? They are running an illegal coupon clipping service, making money in the form of handling fees!

If you read all manufacturers coupons, it says NOT to be sold, they will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law!

Those that buy manufacturers coupons from coupon clipping services, are committing coupon fraud!

Manufacturers are cracking down! Shortening the life of their coupons from a month to 1 or 2 weeks, to thwart coupon clipping services!

And…Here’s the kicker…As of July 2, 2017, Proctor and Gamble, not only shortened the life of their coupons…They limit the use of those coupons…1 or 2 LIKE coupons, per HOUSEHOLD, per DAY!

From the Sunday, July 2, 2017 The Washington Post…You only get 13 days to use this coupon!

The stores have also  joined forces, putting limits on their merchandise!

CVS: Limit 3

Big Lots: Limit 4

Manufacturers and stores are cracking down on those Extreme Couponers, the unethical shoppers, who misuse coupons and wipe the shelves off products!

Unethical shoppers, turn around and illegally sell ill gotten goods, for a profit! It’s illegal here, as the health department regulates food, and beauty/health products, it MUST come from a store!

You do not know if the unethical shoppers tampered with the stuff they turn around and sell. They could use a jar of beauty cream up and replace it with a questionable “cream”! Now do you see why it’s illegal to sell store bought food and/or beauty/health products, for a profit at yard sales, Craig’s List, eBay and so on…

Anyways, when coupon fraud is committed, the stores take a LOSS, because they won’t get reimbursed by the manufacturers!

Guess who pays for the consequences of unethical shoppers, when they commit coupon fraud and/or shoplift thus stealing from the store…Ethical shoppers are paying for unethical shoppers stealing, it gets passed on in the form of higher prices, on all the merchandise!

Unfair, I know! Yet, I see unethical blogs and unethical vlogs, regarding questionable shopping hauls and questionable  advice! They are enabling this fleecing to go on, the greed is obvious! They are frauds, who click bait the naive for the money, giving false advice that could get their naive audience prosecuted for committing fraud, by following the said false advice!

You won’t believe how far some unethical shoppers go! Some have taken to altering manufacturers coupons! Like using a $3.00 off 1 Manufacturers Coupon for name brand diapers, on illegally getting FREE toothpaste, in the same name brand family!

Do not get me started on coupon counterfeiters…

There are ongoing stings, gathering evidence against unethical shoppers to be prosecuted! Stealing and profiting off manufacturers and stores, is a SERIOUS crime!

When manufacturers coupons are used legally, the stores get their money back plus a “handling fee”!

See? I do NOT steal, I am an ethical shopper, who follows the manufacturers coupon requirements, to a T! The stores make a profit!

And the Store Coupons? Listen up…All stores have markups, some higher than others! JC Penney has high markups on their merchandise, so when they  offer a store coupon discount, the price reflects the near true retail price of the merchandise! Not exactly a bargain to shop at JC Penney! No wonder JC Penney is struggling to stay afloat! With 1,700 various stores closing it’s doors permanently…JC Penney, will soon go the way of the dodo bird!

The Dollar Tree, is by far the worst store to shop at, yet they have security guards, because of shoplifters!

When I did cost analysis of shopping at the Dollar Tree, I was shocked! They sell “trial” size products, to whereas keeping naive customers in a cycle of perpetual poverty, keeping them coming back buying more “trial” sized products!

You’re better off shopping elsewhere, you get more product for less, than you would at the Dollar Tree!

Like unethical shoppers, there are some unethical stores! Pure GREED!

Ethical shoppers like me are cracking down! We are getting tired of being treated like we’re crooks, because of unethical shoppers!

By taking back my power, the stores no longer fleece me, with their price gouging!

When I shop, I have to deal with unethical shoppers, who will mow you down with their shopping carts! Also, I have to deal with questionable business practices of some unethical stores! And don’t get me started on the price gouging prices!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist 🛒

4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ General The Stock Market Shopping Strategist’s War Plan On Price Gouging


Walked into CVS, with just $25.00 in my wallet!

Bought $63.48 worth, for $12.25, getting back $8.75 from Ibotta and got $3.00 Extrabucks back! Total .50 cents!

Getting $8.75 back from the Ibotta Rebates App!

My 4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ General Stock Market Shopping Strategist War Plan

1) Cherry pick the “store’s loss leaders” (on sale) the products/food you need to buy. Grab a few, to keep in your mini stockpile. Have enough on hand to last until the next low price sales cycle. Repeat each week, replenishing your food pantry and household supplies closet. Keep in mind of any expiration dates! It’s not a bargain, if it’s gone bad.

I do not shelf wipe out the shelves. I limit myself to 4 or less of each product/purchase, otherwise stated in the store’s ad…Limit 3 per customer and so on…

2) Stack a Manufacturer’s Coupon WITH Store Coupon, for deeper discounts, follow the requirements on the coupons, to get the deep discounts.

3) If you have % off or $6 off $30 store discounts, as a loyalty card member, you can stack with coupons! Some stores do NOT allow a % off, to be used on sale priced purchases. Check the Store’s Coupon Policy, on their website. Yes, it’s all perfectly legal!

4) Submit to Ibotta, Checkout 51 the rebate apps, for any eligible rebates from your purchases. They have surprise .25 cents rebate on any item, on certain store’s receipts!

What did I buy for .50 cents at CVS?

An 8 ounce bag of pistachios

6 Nabisco Snacks To Go Tubs Of Mini Oreos & Chips Ahoy! Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cheetos $1.69, Store Coupon $1.50 off, .19 cents!

Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo & Conditioner

1 Box 100 Count Lipton Tea Bags

1 King Sized Oreo Milka Candy ( A treat)

Health care products ($30.00 Worth!)

All of that costing me only .50 cents!

I almost caused my mother to go into cardiac arrest, when she found out I’m paying just .50 cents!

Would you believe, my mother is now letting me do my Stock Market Shopping Strategist 4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ General Shopping War Plans? She wants the goodies! Laughing! 😂

In all fairness, I left out the Maryland State sales taxes, as some states do not do sales taxes.

There you have it…The best bargains are unadvertised sales and clearance sales. Deep discounts with coupons, money back store discount coupons and any eligible rebates from Ibotta or Checkout 51…You’ve won the war on  being price gouged at the stores!

It’s all legal! Buy at low (FREE) prices, hold (don’t buy) at high prices. Happy Stock Market Shopping!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist 🛒

Fine Tuning Shopping Strategies

Would you believe I bought all of this for .91 cents! That’s $23.75 WORTH!

This is proof that the Dollar Tree is no bargain store, as I bought all of this from CVS!

What made this shopping  trip, beat those fake couponing websites at their game…I got a bottle of $10.79 OPI Nail Polish, for FREE!

In all fairness, as some states do not do state sales tax, I left out the Maryland state sales tax.

With my Stock Market Shopping Strategies, I have beat out those fake couponing websites! They do not teach you how to shop for FOOD.

Good grief! Seriously, how much laundry detergent, toothpaste and toilet paper, do you need to buy EVERY WEEK?!

You cannot eat laundry detergent, toothpaste and toilet paper!

You need FOOD! Always keep some food on hand. A storm could wash away the bridges, keeping food trucks from making store deliveries.

I don’t have to tell you about store shelves being wiped out, when there is snow on the way and hurricanes hurling into towns!

With those fake couponing websites, week after week, it’s laundry detergent, toothpaste and toilet paper…Same old, same old…No teaching the world how to shop properly for groceries…FOOD!

What’s appalling, is those fake couponing websites, are making money off the naive! Click bait.

Even though I do not serve cereal for breakfast, it becomes FREE snacks to nibble on!

Cheerios is an oat cereal, a healthier alternative,  to which I rather nibble on, than potato chips.

This is what I’m talking about, who doesn’t want practically FREE food?

As The Stock Market Shopping Strategist, I buy at low prices or for FREE, keeping in mind my apartment is 468 square feet…That means NO JUNK!

My shopping purchases are conscious spending purchases, I do not buy stuff to blog about it! No frivolous spending here.

By keeping in mind, the sales cycles and buying an item and a few spares, until the next sales cycle, for my mini stockpile (One of the three closets in my apartment)…It keeps the stores from price gouging me!

Here’s how I do it:

1) “Track”  sales cycles (Like you would The Stock Market, buy when low, hold when high)

2) Gather up coupons. You can “stack” a store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon, on the item you are buying!

Some manufacturer’s coupons limit 4 like coupons in one transaction. Just follow the specifications on the coupons, you will do just fine.

Sunday newspapers have regional inserts of manufacturer’s coupons. I buy my $3.50 Washington (DC) Post Sunday papers, for $1.00 each at the Dollar Tree. They limit 3 newspapers per customer. Also, I print out coupons from You are allowed 2 coupons per item to print.


2 Cheerios Cereals Coupons

2 Cornflakes Cereals Coupons

3) If a drugstore, they usually offer money back in the form of Extrabucks (CVS), on the next shopping trip! When you shop at CVS drugstore, using a CVS loyalty card, you get back 2% of the purchases you made, each shopping quarter in the form of Extrabucks! (A paper coupon with the refund amount)

If a grocery store it’s a Catalina Coupon, giving a certain amount off on the next shopping trip!

4) Check out the Ibotta app, Checkout 51 app, scan receipts and  barcodes to get rebates! That’s money back, which usually means FREE purchases! In one month, I got back $86.56 in Ibotta rebates!

5) Use Shopkick app, get kicks for walking into stores and scanning barcodes…FREE gift cards! I’m giving my kicks away, to Feeding America, a cause dear to my heart, feeding the hungry! All I need is 50 more kicks, for a total of 1,500 kicks! ($15.00)

Here’s receipt proof, after deducting my Ibotta rebate of .75 cents from buying Oreo Milka chocolate, from this shopping trip, minus the Maryland state sales tax, paid .91 cents a 95% SAVINGS!

As you can see I work very hard, fine tuning my Stock Market Shopping Strategies…This store purchase of .91 cents,  I only paid 5% of the retail purchase prices and I’m making money shopping the right way!

I’m rarity in the blogging world, I work very hard and refuse all monetary compensation! There is no click baiting, to make me rich.

Why do I do this?  To help others and to empower them, to keep them from being taken advantage of and being price gouged…After all we all have families, who depend upon us, to feed them, to provide for them and to love them.

By making a difference daily, this blog is my labor of love, to the world.

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist 🛒

Being Frugal Isn’t About Buying Junk

Buying junk and saying you got a bargain from the Dollar Tree, is NOT being frugal!

Dollar Tree, is the worst place to shop at, fake bargains of practically trial sized products…The very idea, that you’d run out of product and return, to BUY MORE…A perpetual cycle of poverty!

Here are examples of being frugal, as you can see my money buys QUALITY, for pennies on the dollar!

Jewelry Box, from Goodwill Thrift Shop, $5.24, a concious purchase, as I own my own diamond jewelry. No man has ever bought me diamonds!

Krave Beef Jerky, CVS sells them for $7.99 each! From Big Lots, $1.25 each. I carry snacks in my purse, to nibble on, to keep from splurging on junk food, in the stores.

Another conscious purchase, from Goodwill Thrift Shop, a $249.95 Knitting Machine, for $12.00! This purchase funds programs to help those to get jobs! I’m a Lifetime Agricultural Center Member, who judged the Arts, Crafts and Photography Department.

Cake Mixes, .49 cents each

Cooked Chicken Breast Cuts, $1.00 each

Lotions from BigLots, $1.00 each!

Cherry picking my groceries,  oyster crackers, corn on the cob, broccoli crowns, Roma tomatoes and sugar.

Tomato Juices, .74 cents each from CVS. Liquid potassium! Without potassium, your heart stops beating!

$32.99 Revitalift Moisturizer, for $4.29…L’Oréal Paris, the drugstore beauty line, owns Lancôme, the high end beauty line!

My recent grocery store trip, $42.00 worth, for $27.00! No junk!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish, retails for $10.49, paid $2.49!

Double hearts bracelet, $1.00

Today’s cherry picking grocery haul, $13.15 worth, for $6.49! No junk!

This is being FRUGAL…QUALITY for pennies on the dollar, conscious spending…Not buying junk at the price gouging Dollar Tree!

Being FRUGAL, means you live a QUALITY life, on pennies on the dollar and you eat better, too!

No cereals for breakfast, no eating out, no Starbucks and you avoid the price gouging stores, like the Dollar Tree!

As my late father used to say:

“A fool and his money, are soon parted!”

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist

Here Is Proof That Dollar Tree Price Gouges


The numbers do not lie. Being a math whiz, who uses a calculator daily, just like my late father, the numbers tell you the raw truth!

The big roll of paper towels on the left, is 128 sheets, 2 Ply, $1.87 at CVS.

The tiny roll of paper towels on the right, is 44 sheets, 1 ply, for $1.00, from the Dollar Tree.

It looks innocent, you THINK you are getting a bargain, buying the $1.00 roll of paper towels…

The Dollar Tree paper towels are only 44 sheets, 1 ply! You’d have to BUY THREE $1.00 rolls of paper towels, to match the 128 sheets a roll of paper towels, sold at CVS, for only $1.87!

Now why would anyone want to pay $3.00 on paper towels at the Dollar Tree, when you’re getting a bargain at CVS?

That’s exactly what I am talking about! You’re paying MORE, for LESS product at the Dollar Tree!

You’re spending MORE for LESS product, causing you to run out of product, to where you’re back at the Dollar Tree, again!

That’s the cycle of perpetual poverty! Anyone blogging about the so called bargains at the Dollar Tree, needs to have their heads examined! It is deplorable, enabling their audience into a cycle of perpetual poverty, for financial gain and or fame!

I am the only ethical blogger, who opens everyone’s eyes, so they won’t be blindsided by those fake losers, who are broke, but buying junk from the Dollar Tree, to brag about the bargains on blogs and vlogs!

You do not want to be in a cycle of perpetual poverty, wondering where your money went when you don’t have much in your kitchen cupboards and supplies closet, to show for it!

Unlike buying paper towels at the Dollar Tree, CVS gave me this $1.87 roll of paper towels, for FREE!

I scanned my CVS loyalty card at their red coupon machines, it spit out a $2.00 off 1, any paper towels CVS Store Coupon! FREE paper towels, something you can never get from the Dollar Tree!

I just exposed those fake bloggers and vloggers, for the frauds they are, they are NOT frugal! They shouldn’t be blogging and vlogging, scamming their audience!
They are BAD news! Follow their advice, you WILL be in a cycle of perpetual poverty with them!

Take back your power, don’t enable losers, get educated and wise to fake bloggers and vlogger’s online shenanigans!

The numbers don’t lie, when you do a cost analysis, it tells you the Dollar Tree has been price gouging!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist