Here Is Proof That Dollar Tree Price Gouges


The numbers do not lie. Being a math whiz, who uses a calculator daily, just like my late father, the numbers tell you the raw truth!

The big roll of paper towels on the left, is 128 sheets, 2 Ply, $1.87 at CVS.

The tiny roll of paper towels on the right, is 44 sheets, 1 ply, for $1.00, from the Dollar Tree.

It looks innocent, you THINK you are getting a bargain, buying the $1.00 roll of paper towels…

The Dollar Tree paper towels are only 44 sheets, 1 ply! You’d have to BUY THREE $1.00 rolls of paper towels, to match the 128 sheets a roll of paper towels, sold at CVS, for only $1.87!

Now why would anyone want to pay $3.00 on paper towels at the Dollar Tree, when you’re getting a bargain at CVS?

That’s exactly what I am talking about! You’re paying MORE, for LESS product at the Dollar Tree!

You’re spending MORE for LESS product, causing you to run out of product, to where you’re back at the Dollar Tree, again!

That’s the cycle of perpetual poverty! Anyone blogging about the so called bargains at the Dollar Tree, needs to have their heads examined! It is deplorable, enabling their audience into a cycle of perpetual poverty, for financial gain and or fame!

I am the only ethical blogger, who opens everyone’s eyes, so they won’t be blindsided by those fake losers, who are broke, but buying junk from the Dollar Tree, to brag about the bargains on blogs and vlogs!

You do not want to be in a cycle of perpetual poverty, wondering where your money went when you don’t have much in your kitchen cupboards and supplies closet, to show for it!

Unlike buying paper towels at the Dollar Tree, CVS gave me this $1.87 roll of paper towels, for FREE!

I scanned my CVS loyalty card at their red coupon machines, it spit out a $2.00 off 1, any paper towels CVS Store Coupon! FREE paper towels, something you can never get from the Dollar Tree!

I just exposed those fake bloggers and vloggers, for the frauds they are, they are NOT frugal! They shouldn’t be blogging and vlogging, scamming their audience!
They are BAD news! Follow their advice, you WILL be in a cycle of perpetual poverty with them!

Take back your power, don’t enable losers, get educated and wise to fake bloggers and vlogger’s online shenanigans!

The numbers don’t lie, when you do a cost analysis, it tells you the Dollar Tree has been price gouging!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist


Game Changer: With 1,700 Store Closures This Year

Since I am The Stock Market Shopping Strategist, it takes a lot of hard work, doing my reading and researching, to stay ahead of a shaky economy.

Also, I take in the signs of an economy, that isn’t on a solid foundation. You cannot trust the United States government, to tell you the truth about the economy.

I KNEW we were in a recession, when Dubya, was our President. It was during this time, that a lot of people bought houses! The United States Government sugarcoated the harsh reality, that we were in a deep recession. What happened next, people who invested in buying a house, lost that house, when they lost their jobs and the banks were calling in the loans.

Already we are in another deep recession, do not be fooled! Batten down the hatches. After number 45, the billionaire, runs The United States Of America, into the ground, will things turn around.

Today, I scanned the store sales ads. Already the stores are tightening their belts, or they will become another statistic, one of the 1,700 stores filing for bankruptcy, thus the thousands of store closures!

The luxury stores are also feeling the pressure, sales are down each quarter.

In Bethesda, Maryland, where I was born, is an old money, tony neighborhood. The luxury mall there, has become a ghost town! Mind you, Bethesda is just a few miles up the road, from the seat of power, Washington, DC!

You see, they don’t tell you that stuff. Since I was born and raised here, I know the truth! I see the truth, a luxury mall ghost town, store closures, stores downsizing to stay afloat, before declaring bankruptcy.

Look at the signs around you, do your homework and research. Pay close attention to the telling signs, like the store’s sales ads, more regular price merchandise, than sale price merchandise!

Luckily for me, I bought and stocked my kitchen and supplies closet, for pennies on the dollar, using my Stock Market Shopping Strategies!

I can ride out the high prices, since it was just Memorial Day weekend,  the foods are pricier, because of summer picnics and cookouts.

Basically, I buy milk and bread every 10 days, cherry picking from store’s sales ads, when what I need is at it’s lowest price point, buying enough until next sales cycle. Of course, I pay attention to the food’s expiration dates.

Being The Stock Market Shopping Strategist, it is my goal to stay ahead of a shaky economy and help others, to be able to buy groceries, for pennies on the dollar.

I have been doing this since I was NINE years old. We were POOR, because my Carpenter father, paid for my open heart surgery, the heart specialist doctors and the Children’s Hospital bills, out of his pocket!

Thanks to my parents, in giving me a chance to live, I repaid them, by getting us free food, using Manufacturer’s Coupons doubled and combined with store sales.

How many kids do you know, that are feeding their parents without money, legally?

This kid grew up to become, “The Stock Market Shopping Strategist”!

I’ve been poor, hungry, freezing and wearing hand me down clothes from the rich ladies, my grandmother used to clean houses for.

This blog was started, teaching the world how to survive and be able to eat, without going hungry or broke.

I refuse any monetary gain. This blog is my making a difference in the world gift, keeping others from going hungry or becoming homeless.

Thank you, for stopping by and reading my blog. It means more to me than any amount of money.

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist

Wait A Cherry Picking Minute!

The fine art of cherry picking, is scanning store’s sales advertisements, finding the gems of a real sale, amongst regular priced merchandise in the store’s sales advertisements, determining if what you need, is at it’s lowest price point.

Yes, stores add regular priced merchandise amongst sale priced merchandise, in their store advertisements! It’s another gimmick stores use to get you to buy, buy!

When the stores get you to buy, buy…Say bye, bye to your hard earned money!

You have to be aware of the obscene markups stores charge on their merchandise. You have to take your power back, get educated and outsmart the stores at their games!

Recently, I did a cost analysis of making my own filled cupcakes, at .21 cents each VS a grocery store’s bakery cupcake, at $3.50 each. That’s a 1,700% profit the grocery store is making off you, when you buy an innocent looking filled cupcake!

By cherry picking from several store’s advertisements, selecting their loss leaders that you wish to buy, you’re in control of what you wish to spend, cutting into the store’s obscene markups!

I know of no one wanting the stores to charge them 1,700%+ on any merchandise, that they buy. Remember, you have to pay any state sales taxes if applicable, on those huge markups, that the store charges you!

Obscene store markups and paying more state sales taxes, is why it is impossible to live the American Dream.

I’m pretty sure, it’s the cause of over 50% of the Americans, being unable to afford groceries, they’re going hungry.

We cannot control our rent/mortgage, but we can control the store’s buy, buy tactics, to get us to pay those obscene markup prices.

As you can see from my shopping list, I’m cherry picking, matching lowest prices with coupons, getting a few things FREE!

I’ve mastered the fine art of cherry picking, paying very little in the process, with a mini stockpile to last me a few weeks.

Paying “retail” is what the stores hope you do, because they have those obscene 1,000%+ markups! They are fleecing you and getting away with it!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist

Couponing Websites: Do Not Teach How To Eat Frugally, But To Stockpile Junk

They call themselves expert shoppers?! I have to laugh! Seriously, are they that filthy that they need all that laundry detergent, to wash their clothes EVERY DAY?

I have been in public laundry rooms, they use way too much laundry detergent and fabric softener!

No one needs to be stockpiling laundry detergent! You cannot feed your family on a stockpile of “junk”!

In this shaky economy, you should be stockpiling food, putting inexpensive meats, poultry and spare foods that freeze well, up in your freezer.

Today, I went to Weis grocery store. They had mailed me a store coupon, “Spend $25.00 get $8.00 off”!

This is what I bought, took it home and sectioned off my purchases, wrapped up my portion sizes and put up in the freezer.

I bought $48.56 worth of  london broil, beef steaks, ground turkey, chicken breast fillets, 2 packs of Italian Sweet Sausage, boneless quarter ham, beef stew cubes and a package of Bridgeford Parker House Rolls…Paid $18.56!

Here’s the Weis grocery store receipt:


You need food to stay healthy and feed your family, if you have a family to take care of.

By having at least a 3 month stockpile of food, you can save money when money is tight, by cherry picking from store’s ads.

For example, I have beef stew cubes up in my freezer. I need a couple of potatoes, some carrots and an onion, to make a pot of homemade beef stew. It doesn’t cost much to buy a few vegetables.

No one knows what the future holds, our new government is cutting programs, to help those in need.

Did you know, over 50% of the Americans, cannot afford to buy groceries? They have a choice, pay the rent or eat. It’s most unfortunate that they make the choice to pay the rent, to keep their family safe.

Those Couponing Websites, are out to make a profit, be very aware of that fact. They promote stockpiling “junk”!

Every week, it’s laundry detergents, toothpaste and toilet paper, to stockpile up on!

They are crooks, making profit off the naive, keeping them in perpetual poverty!

This is why I started this blog. My blog, I rip the blindfolds off, showing how you’re being used and fleeced!

I do not care to make money or use people. This makes me a rarity in this day and age. I do not wish to see anyone going hungry, or being kept in perpetual poverty, just so some losers can profit!

Losers are those Mommy bloggers, that are supposed to be “shopping experts”…Ha! Ha! Why are you BROKE?!😳

Wake up people, stop enabling people that keep their naive audience, in perpetual poverty! It’s NOT nice, to take advantage of the naïveté of innocent people!

My Stock Market Shopping strategy works, my freezer is almost fully stocked. I’ve only been living here 11 days, in my new home!

That’s right, I’m still moving. But my main priority is to take advantage of the buy low and hold at high shopping strategies!

If I’m hungry, I win by going to my new kitchen and quickly whipping up a frugal, nutritious meal instead of eating junk food from restaurants, a lot of sodium for high prices!

That’s the beauty of being the Stock Market Shopping Strategist. I am not being used or fleeced and I eat healthier, for pennies on the dollar!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist

Buy When Low, Hold At High

When you know your price points, it helps you to do Stock Market Shopping at any store!

Manufacturer’s coupons are now a rarity, thanks to coupon fraud, people “buying” coupons, “stealing” coupons from distribution centers, “selling” the coupon booklets, “altering” coupons to use on products not intended on the original coupons!

That left me with no choice, but to outsmart those who ruined frugal shopping, by committing coupon fraud!

Everything you buy in a store, goes through a “sales” cycle, up to 12 WEEKS. Within those 12 weeks, is the lowest price point. That’s when you need to buy, is when it’s at the lowest price point. You BUY LOW, buying enough until the next sales cycle, like with the Kraft Cracker Barrel Cheese shown. That’s a 2 MONTH supply of cheese, for my mother and I!

My local grocery store sells Kraft Cracker Barrel Cheese, retail price $3.99 each!

Cracker Barrel Cheese, $3.99 X 6 blocks of cheese = $23.94

Cracker Barrel Cheese, is on sale for $3.49 X 6 blocks of cheese = $20.94

That’s a $3.00 SAVINGS!

BUT…Wait a minute!

The grocery store’s sales flyer says you get $6.00 OFF INSTANTLY, when you BUY $20 worth of Cracker Barrel Cheese, with your grocery store loyalty card!

Here’s the math:

Cracker Barrel Cheese, $3.99 X 6 blocks of cheese = $23.94

Cracker Barrel Cheese, on sale for $3.49 X 6 blocks of cheese = $20.94

Cracker Barrel Cheese, $6.00 OFF INSTANTLY when you buy $20 worth:

$20.94 – $6.00 =$14.94 (Divide by 6 blocks) or $2.49 a block of Cracker Barrel Cheese!

That’s a $1.50 SAVINGS each, for a block of Cracker Barrel Cheese!

With this Stock Market Shopping Strategy, I saved $9.00 on 6 blocks of Cracker Barrel Cheese, just for 5 minutes of my time, in the store! Let’s see how much an hour that would be…

$9.00 X 12 (5 minutes X 12, to equal 1 hour (60 minutes)) = $108.00 an hour!

My Stock Market Shopping Strategies, pay you MORE money in SAVINGS, than an average job would pay you an hour!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist

$40.97 Worth At Walgreens For $3.97


When you study ads and do your homework, before spending a penny…You save not only money, but time…FREE paper plates, saves my time from washing too many dishes by hand…

I am doing it all, running two websites, doing all the shopping and cooking, taking care of my mother who has cancer, wheeling her to doctors appointments in her wheel chair, without a car…The public bus is my mode of transportation!

Also, I do my own frugal luxurious manicures, fix my own laptop (I’m a former computer professional) and I find the time to read, do my artwork and enjoy the charming Sicilian gentleman’s company online.

The Sicilian gentleman, quietly gives me his strength, to make a difference in this world, to where I try harder, to find solutions…

I dedicate this first blog post to the Sicilian gentleman. Without his quiet strength, I won’t have created “The Stock Market Shopping Strategist” website.