After reading that 50% of the American families, cannot afford to feed their families, after paying rent/mortgage, electric, gas, car insurance and so on…Families are left with very little money for food, thus they go hungry, I decided to create this website.

Growing up poor, I know what it is like to go hungry. At nine years old, I saw a coupon in the newspaper and cut it out. Went with my mother to the grocery store and picked up a box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Cereal, which was .99 cents a small box, for FREE!

What did I do, to achieve this genius idea at nine years old? When you want food so bad, because you are hungry, you will find a way. I did just that, LEGALLY!

Here is how I did it:

The coupon, was a .50 cents off 1, any size Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Cereal Manufacturer’s Coupon, which the store doubled the coupon, making it $1.00 off 1 box of Kellogg’s Cornflakes Cereal, making it FREE!

Thrilled with my new discovery, it set me on the road to becoming a Stock Market Shopping Strategist, not for stocks, but for food and necessities needed for our survival

Allow me to explain this concept of Stock Market Shopping. The wealthy use this strategy of buying stocks at low, low prices and holding on to them, increasing their wealth. They get wealthy, buying when the prices are low and they do not buy when prices are high! Over the years, I honed my Stock Market Shopping Strategies, on food and the necessities. It works! I am able to get more food for less money, even when coupons are scarce!

This all started when I was nine years old. My father was paying for my heart surgery, out of his pocket, as he did not have medical insurance. Using my Stock Market Shopping Strategies, I was able to feed my father, my mother, my brother and myself, mostly for FREE! My parents were very supportive, while other kids were playing, I was dumpster diving for coupons, so we could eat.

I grew up, when we couldn’t afford food. At nine years old, I kept the wolves away from our door, feeding my parents and my brother.

However, what worked when I was nine years old, somewhat doesn’t work today. Finding a .50 cents off 1 Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Cereal Manufacturer’s Coupon, is like trying to find hen’s teeth, it doesn’t exist.

What happened? Not only did the prices of food skyrocket, to price gouging prices, the Manufacturer’s Coupons, went to mostly $1.00 off 3 boxes of cereal. That’s not really helping to put food on the table, considering a box of cereal is around $5.00 each! Buying three boxes of cereal at $5.00 a box, is $15.00 of cereal, to save $1.00…No one can afford to survive with prices like that, especially when they have very little money, for food.

This is were Stock Market Shopping comes in. Know the prices. Know the stores. Know which stores double coupons, in case you are lucky enough to find the coupons needed for your purchases. If you do not have coupons, do not worry there are stores where the overhead is low and the prices are even lower.

It is my goal, to give struggling families back their power, enabling them with Stock Market Shopping Strategies, so their families will never go hungry.

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist