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Being Frugal Isn’t About Buying Junk

Buying junk and saying you got a bargain from the Dollar Tree, is NOT being frugal!

Dollar Tree, is the worst place to shop at, fake bargains of practically trial sized products…The very idea, that you’d run out of product and return, to BUY MORE…A perpetual cycle of poverty!

Here are examples of being frugal, as you can see my money buys QUALITY, for pennies on the dollar!

Jewelry Box, from Goodwill Thrift Shop, $5.24, a concious purchase, as I own my own diamond jewelry. No man has ever bought me diamonds!

Krave Beef Jerky, CVS sells them for $7.99 each! From Big Lots, $1.25 each. I carry snacks in my purse, to nibble on, to keep from splurging on junk food, in the stores.

Another conscious purchase, from Goodwill Thrift Shop, a $249.95 Knitting Machine, for $12.00! This purchase funds programs to help those to get jobs! I’m a Lifetime Agricultural Center Member, who judged the Arts, Crafts and Photography Department.

Cake Mixes, .49 cents each

Cooked Chicken Breast Cuts, $1.00 each

Lotions from BigLots, $1.00 each!

Cherry picking my groceries,  oyster crackers, corn on the cob, broccoli crowns, Roma tomatoes and sugar.

Tomato Juices, .74 cents each from CVS. Liquid potassium! Without potassium, your heart stops beating!

$32.99 Revitalift Moisturizer, for $4.29…L’Oréal Paris, the drugstore beauty line, owns Lancôme, the high end beauty line!

My recent grocery store trip, $42.00 worth, for $27.00! No junk!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish, retails for $10.49, paid $2.49!

Double hearts bracelet, $1.00

Today’s cherry picking grocery haul, $13.15 worth, for $6.49! No junk!

This is being FRUGAL…QUALITY for pennies on the dollar, conscious spending…Not buying junk at the price gouging Dollar Tree!

Being FRUGAL, means you live a QUALITY life, on pennies on the dollar and you eat better, too!

No cereals for breakfast, no eating out, no Starbucks and you avoid the price gouging stores, like the Dollar Tree!

As my late father used to say:

“A fool and his money, are soon parted!”

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist


Couponing Websites: Do Not Teach How To Eat Frugally, But To Stockpile Junk

They call themselves expert shoppers?! I have to laugh! Seriously, are they that filthy that they need all that laundry detergent, to wash their clothes EVERY DAY?

I have been in public laundry rooms, they use way too much laundry detergent and fabric softener!

No one needs to be stockpiling laundry detergent! You cannot feed your family on a stockpile of “junk”!

In this shaky economy, you should be stockpiling food, putting inexpensive meats, poultry and spare foods that freeze well, up in your freezer.

Today, I went to Weis grocery store. They had mailed me a store coupon, “Spend $25.00 get $8.00 off”!

This is what I bought, took it home and sectioned off my purchases, wrapped up my portion sizes and put up in the freezer.

I bought $48.56 worth of  london broil, beef steaks, ground turkey, chicken breast fillets, 2 packs of Italian Sweet Sausage, boneless quarter ham, beef stew cubes and a package of Bridgeford Parker House Rolls…Paid $18.56!

Here’s the Weis grocery store receipt:


You need food to stay healthy and feed your family, if you have a family to take care of.

By having at least a 3 month stockpile of food, you can save money when money is tight, by cherry picking from store’s ads.

For example, I have beef stew cubes up in my freezer. I need a couple of potatoes, some carrots and an onion, to make a pot of homemade beef stew. It doesn’t cost much to buy a few vegetables.

No one knows what the future holds, our new government is cutting programs, to help those in need.

Did you know, over 50% of the Americans, cannot afford to buy groceries? They have a choice, pay the rent or eat. It’s most unfortunate that they make the choice to pay the rent, to keep their family safe.

Those Couponing Websites, are out to make a profit, be very aware of that fact. They promote stockpiling “junk”!

Every week, it’s laundry detergents, toothpaste and toilet paper, to stockpile up on!

They are crooks, making profit off the naive, keeping them in perpetual poverty!

This is why I started this blog. My blog, I rip the blindfolds off, showing how you’re being used and fleeced!

I do not care to make money or use people. This makes me a rarity in this day and age. I do not wish to see anyone going hungry, or being kept in perpetual poverty, just so some losers can profit!

Losers are those Mommy bloggers, that are supposed to be “shopping experts”…Ha! Ha! Why are you BROKE?!😳

Wake up people, stop enabling people that keep their naive audience, in perpetual poverty! It’s NOT nice, to take advantage of the naïveté of innocent people!

My Stock Market Shopping strategy works, my freezer is almost fully stocked. I’ve only been living here 11 days, in my new home!

That’s right, I’m still moving. But my main priority is to take advantage of the buy low and hold at high shopping strategies!

If I’m hungry, I win by going to my new kitchen and quickly whipping up a frugal, nutritious meal instead of eating junk food from restaurants, a lot of sodium for high prices!

That’s the beauty of being the Stock Market Shopping Strategist. I am not being used or fleeced and I eat healthier, for pennies on the dollar!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist