Frugal Luxurious Lifestyle Living

From my floor office, armed with my iPhone, my laptop, my calculator, I put in the research and work, to be a true blue Frugal Shopper/Blogger.

Mommy bloggers/vloggers, cannot hold a candle to me. They copy other Mommy blogger/vlogger’s fake frugal content, for their blog/vlog.

You would be surprised. I once knew a Mommy blogger, who posted fake frugal content, just to make $13,000 a month, taking advantage of her readers!

This is just so wrong, as 50% of the Americans are struggling to provide for their families. Giving fake frugal advice, is taking advantage of mankind’s misfortunes, for financial gain!

I never intended to be a blogger, much less create and own SIX blogs, but I had enough of fake people being “frugal” bloggers/vloggers, taking advantage of the misfortunes of mankind.

My IQ is way above average, I can see what people are doing, taking advantage of people, using them to make themselves Social Media famous and making them money.

As I am writing this blog, I am reading mail and emails, scanning for frugal content.

Taking care of your well being, does not have to cost hundreds of dollars:

Hearing evaluation testing, normally $330.00 USD, for a limited time $45.00! Sign me up!

From my email, CVS is giving me FREE MONEY! $2.00 Extrabucks Coupon, loaded to my CVS Loyalty Card!

Are you excited yet? I am! Why? Follow my blog as I write a deal up:

CVS has a sale on 2 liter Pepsi, limit to 3, for .99 cents each! They normally retail for $2.09 each! That’s $6.27 worth of Pepsi for $2.97, when you buy three!

Remember, I have a $2.00 off Extrabucks Coupon, making three 2 liter Pepsis .97 cents!

Wait! I am not done yet:

When I buy three 2 liter Pepsis, Ibotta (Smarphone App) gives me a .65 cents rebate, credited to my account! Just scan the barcode and store receipt, you’re done.

How exciting is that?

Drum roll…For three 2 liter Pepsis, I pay .32 cents, that’s .11 cents per 2 liter Pepsi!

I just saved $5.95 easily, just for a few minutes of my time.

By shopping  this way, my time is figured in the hundreds of dollars an hour, without ever profiting off or using people, like those fake Mommy bloggers/vloggers do.

Thus my secret to my Frugal Luxurious Lifestyle Living, living better than the millionaires, on pennies on the dollar.

Enjoy this  journey with me, as I write this blog, to show you how easy it really is to be frugal, happy and healthy, on pennies on the dollar!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist 🛒


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