Undercover Research As Why We Get Price Gouged Shopping

All my life, since I was a little girl, growing up poor, is not something I wish upon anyone.

I found ways of getting FREE to low cost food legally, when I was just 9 years old!

Thus my lifelong journey on finding solutions, to the injustice of stores price gouging customers.

Headlines are popping up everywhere lately, of stores either downsizing or going out of business, is proof that the customers have had enough!

Understandably, the stores have markups on their merchandise, to cover business expenses, employee salaries and making a profit in the process.

Fair enough, right? Wrong.

Why would something that’s true cost is .50 cents, cost nearly $5.00?

Red flags went up. I began digging, reading advertisements and reading everything!

What I discovered, is unbelievable! We as consumers, either get price gouged or short changed!

I nearly had a coronary, when I pulled out a grocery store’s “sales” advertisement.

This grocery store price gouges. The food doesn’t move, because of ridiculously outrageous pricing! Bought frozen rolls from this grocery store, get them home and those rolls were so old, that they refused to rise for me to bake them!

Anyways, on the front page of that grocery store’s “sales” advertisement, is a proud announcement. This price gouging  grocery store, donated over 500,000 pounds of meat, to the local food banks!!!!

Hear me out as I explain. If anyone steals from the stores, the cost is passed on to the innocent customers!

Guess who paid for this price gouging grocery store’s generously giving 500,000 pounds of meat, to the local food banks?

The customers! They got price gouged shopping at that grocery store, so that the grocery store can look generous, in donating 500,000 pounds of meat, to the local food banks!!!

I nearly burst an artery! This is just so wrong! Over 50% of the American families cannot afford to feed their families, it’s a choice between getting food or a having a safe roof over their heads!

We as consumers, have to get educated. Just because stores advertise “sale” stuff in their “sales” advertisements, does not mean it’s on sale! They put mostly regular priced merchandise in their “sales” advertisements, passing it off as it’s on “sale”!

There’s the old bait and switch, which is illegal. You see a product and there’s a sale price tag underneath it for the right product, they are supposed to sell it to you at that price. When you bring it to their attention, they balk at honoring the sale price, that they had attached to the shelf of the product, that  you want to buy!

A few days ago, I got short changed $8.00 at a drug store! A few weeks ago, a pizza parlor short changed me $15.00! It is becoming a common occurrence!

Add it all up, those stores and restaurants can bankrupt you, if you do not hold them accountable!

Buyer beware…Familiarize yourself with the true cost of consumer goods and watch your money like a hawk, or you will either get price gouged or short changed at the stores and restaurants!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist  🛒


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