Outsmarting And Outwitting The Economy

After reading the grim statistics, of over 50% of the Americans, being unable to buy groceries…I created this blog, showing the world it can be done, living your best life on pennies on the dollar!

You do not need to be a millionaire, in fact you will be eating and living better than those who are millionaires!

Millionaires have to work all the time! Everyone has a vacuum cleaner in the millionaire’s pockets, from those fake fashion designers (selling factory made goods) to the tax man!

Seriously, I do not think anyone wants to have more money, because of those with “vacuum cleaners”, on standby ready to take their money!

It takes some homework, to pick the right grocery store, on the right day and shop at the right time.

Here’s my Weis grocery store groceries, $86.31 cents worth for $51.76, saved $34.55 a 40% savings!

As you can see, I have boneless pork ribs, beef steaks, ground beef, boneless chicken breasts, london broil, sausage links, butter, eggs, english muffins, mini croissants, celery, baking potatoes, manwich sauce and tea bags. Not shown, also bought 3 boxes of muffin mixes and a box of 50% off marked down miniature doughnuts.

Here’s the proof…the receipt:

Yes, I used the store coupon from the flyer they mailed me, $7.00 off $35.00 purchase. Did a survey on last grocery shopping trip, to earn $2.00 off $40.00 purchase. That’s $9.00 off my grocery bill total!

In high school I took TWO years of gourmet cooking classes and natural foods cooking class for ONE year, making the highest grades, straight A’s!

The food that I cook is healthier, than a Michelin Star restaurant’s food…Their food is half cooked and overly salted…Not necessarily what you ordered, like the Kobe Beef, they substitute the meat with a cheaper cut of meat and price gouge you!

Who wants to be a millionaire, when you can work less,  while eating and living better than the millionaires, on pennies on the dollar?

This smart shopping lifestyle leaves the tax man crying, because you’re paying very little taxes!

We win!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist 🛒


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