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Undercover Research As Why We Get Price Gouged Shopping

All my life, since I was a little girl, growing up poor, is not something I wish upon anyone.

I found ways of getting FREE to low cost food legally, when I was just 9 years old!

Thus my lifelong journey on finding solutions, to the injustice of stores price gouging customers.

Headlines are popping up everywhere lately, of stores either downsizing or going out of business, is proof that the customers have had enough!

Understandably, the stores have markups on their merchandise, to cover business expenses, employee salaries and making a profit in the process.

Fair enough, right? Wrong.

Why would something that’s true cost is .50 cents, cost nearly $5.00?

Red flags went up. I began digging, reading advertisements and reading everything!

What I discovered, is unbelievable! We as consumers, either get price gouged or short changed!

I nearly had a coronary, when I pulled out a grocery store’s “sales” advertisement.

This grocery store price gouges. The food doesn’t move, because of ridiculously outrageous pricing! Bought frozen rolls from this grocery store, get them home and those rolls were so old, that they refused to rise for me to bake them!

Anyways, on the front page of that grocery store’s “sales” advertisement, is a proud announcement. This price gouging  grocery store, donated over 500,000 pounds of meat, to the local food banks!!!!

Hear me out as I explain. If anyone steals from the stores, the cost is passed on to the innocent customers!

Guess who paid for this price gouging grocery store’s generously giving 500,000 pounds of meat, to the local food banks?

The customers! They got price gouged shopping at that grocery store, so that the grocery store can look generous, in donating 500,000 pounds of meat, to the local food banks!!!

I nearly burst an artery! This is just so wrong! Over 50% of the American families cannot afford to feed their families, it’s a choice between getting food or a having a safe roof over their heads!

We as consumers, have to get educated. Just because stores advertise “sale” stuff in their “sales” advertisements, does not mean it’s on sale! They put mostly regular priced merchandise in their “sales” advertisements, passing it off as it’s on “sale”!

There’s the old bait and switch, which is illegal. You see a product and there’s a sale price tag underneath it for the right product, they are supposed to sell it to you at that price. When you bring it to their attention, they balk at honoring the sale price, that they had attached to the shelf of the product, that  you want to buy!

A few days ago, I got short changed $8.00 at a drug store! A few weeks ago, a pizza parlor short changed me $15.00! It is becoming a common occurrence!

Add it all up, those stores and restaurants can bankrupt you, if you do not hold them accountable!

Buyer beware…Familiarize yourself with the true cost of consumer goods and watch your money like a hawk, or you will either get price gouged or short changed at the stores and restaurants!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist  🛒


Fine Tuning Shopping Strategies

Would you believe I bought all of this for .91 cents! That’s $23.75 WORTH!

This is proof that the Dollar Tree is no bargain store, as I bought all of this from CVS!

What made this shopping  trip, beat those fake couponing websites at their game…I got a bottle of $10.79 OPI Nail Polish, for FREE!

In all fairness, as some states do not do state sales tax, I left out the Maryland state sales tax.

With my Stock Market Shopping Strategies, I have beat out those fake couponing websites! They do not teach you how to shop for FOOD.

Good grief! Seriously, how much laundry detergent, toothpaste and toilet paper, do you need to buy EVERY WEEK?!

You cannot eat laundry detergent, toothpaste and toilet paper!

You need FOOD! Always keep some food on hand. A storm could wash away the bridges, keeping food trucks from making store deliveries.

I don’t have to tell you about store shelves being wiped out, when there is snow on the way and hurricanes hurling into towns!

With those fake couponing websites, week after week, it’s laundry detergent, toothpaste and toilet paper…Same old, same old…No teaching the world how to shop properly for groceries…FOOD!

What’s appalling, is those fake couponing websites, are making money off the naive! Click bait.

Even though I do not serve cereal for breakfast, it becomes FREE snacks to nibble on!

Cheerios is an oat cereal, a healthier alternative,  to which I rather nibble on, than potato chips.

This is what I’m talking about, who doesn’t want practically FREE food?

As The Stock Market Shopping Strategist, I buy at low prices or for FREE, keeping in mind my apartment is 468 square feet…That means NO JUNK!

My shopping purchases are conscious spending purchases, I do not buy stuff to blog about it! No frivolous spending here.

By keeping in mind, the sales cycles and buying an item and a few spares, until the next sales cycle, for my mini stockpile (One of the three closets in my apartment)…It keeps the stores from price gouging me!

Here’s how I do it:

1) “Track”  sales cycles (Like you would The Stock Market, buy when low, hold when high)

2) Gather up coupons. You can “stack” a store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon, on the item you are buying!

Some manufacturer’s coupons limit 4 like coupons in one transaction. Just follow the specifications on the coupons, you will do just fine.

Sunday newspapers have regional inserts of manufacturer’s coupons. I buy my $3.50 Washington (DC) Post Sunday papers, for $1.00 each at the Dollar Tree. They limit 3 newspapers per customer. Also, I print out coupons from http://www.coupons.com. You are allowed 2 coupons per item to print.


2 Cheerios Cereals Coupons

2 Cornflakes Cereals Coupons

3) If a drugstore, they usually offer money back in the form of Extrabucks (CVS), on the next shopping trip! When you shop at CVS drugstore, using a CVS loyalty card, you get back 2% of the purchases you made, each shopping quarter in the form of Extrabucks! (A paper coupon with the refund amount)

If a grocery store it’s a Catalina Coupon, giving a certain amount off on the next shopping trip!

4) Check out the Ibotta app, Checkout 51 app, scan receipts and  barcodes to get rebates! That’s money back, which usually means FREE purchases! In one month, I got back $86.56 in Ibotta rebates!

5) Use Shopkick app, get kicks for walking into stores and scanning barcodes…FREE gift cards! I’m giving my kicks away, to Feeding America, a cause dear to my heart, feeding the hungry! All I need is 50 more kicks, for a total of 1,500 kicks! ($15.00)

Here’s receipt proof, after deducting my Ibotta rebate of .75 cents from buying Oreo Milka chocolate, from this shopping trip, minus the Maryland state sales tax, paid .91 cents a 95% SAVINGS!

As you can see I work very hard, fine tuning my Stock Market Shopping Strategies…This store purchase of .91 cents,  I only paid 5% of the retail purchase prices and I’m making money shopping the right way!

I’m rarity in the blogging world, I work very hard and refuse all monetary compensation! There is no click baiting, to make me rich.

Why do I do this?  To help others and to empower them, to keep them from being taken advantage of and being price gouged…After all we all have families, who depend upon us, to feed them, to provide for them and to love them.

By making a difference daily, this blog is my labor of love, to the world.

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist 🛒