Beware Of Fake “Frugal” Blogs And Vlogs

I cannot stress this enough, those fake “frugal” blogs and vlogs, are misleading.

Wrong, just wrong to benefit off the misfortune of those trying to live a frugal life, by giving them false information.

Let’s start with the dollar stores. They are the worse places for those with little money to shop at, smaller sizes and when you calculate it, higher prices per ounce!

I am a rarity in the world of blogging. I do not mislead, by taking advantage of those struggling to live on little money, that they have left after paying their basic necessities, like rent.

This blog is free to read, I do not make one cent. Nor do I want to be “famous”, it’s just not my style to use people, to make myself “famous”. Real bloggers and vloggers, want nothing in return. Fake bloggers and vloggers, want sponsors, money and be “famous”.

By writing this blog, is to educate, by taking the blinders off, so no one can be bamboozled, for financial gain!

Being frugal, means being careful, by not shopping at the dollar stores, buying  “trial-size” stuff, that cost more per ounce. The idea of dollar stores, is to make it sound like great deals can be had there. Totally false, price gouging, is their specialty!

“Trial-size” stuff, means you run out sooner, going back to the dollar stores within days, to buy more, a repeating cycle of poverty!

This is just so wrong to falsely preach dollar stores, to those struggling to live on little money, trying to feed their families.

I have gotten free to low cost food, shopping elsewhere, more food for my money.

The key is to be armed with a calculator, start calculating the cost per ounce, you will get the shock of your life, of how much you are getting price gouged!

Warren Buffett, the billionaire, does not pay more than he has to, by being very aware of the prices. He still lives in the home, he bought in the 1950s!

That’s how Warren Buffett is a billionaire, he does not unnecessarily line the pockets of anyone. However, he generously gives to charity.

By taking back your power, getting educated and informed, no longer will anyone profit off you!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist





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