Prices Depend Upon The Location

As a creator, owner and blogger of this blog, I work very hard. Unlike most bloggers, I do my own research and trial and error discoveries.

Every week, I am revamping the way I shop, to keep up with the ever changing shopping experiences. If I do not keep up, I will be price gouged and state sales taxed, to where I barely survive!

I live in a tony neighborhood in the suburbs of Washington, DC. Believe it or not, shopping in a tony neighbor is much, much more cheaper!

On a recent outing, in my old neighborhood, I stopped into an international supermarket. Mind you this neighborhood is where most of the lower middle class, reside. I picked up an item and nearly went into a cardiac arrest at the price!

Allow me to explain. My tony neighborhood international supermarket, sells a huge can of Nido WHOLE Milk Powder Mix, for $16.99.

Would you believe in a “poorer” city, that same can of Nido WHOLE Milk Powder Mix, sold for $21.49! $4.50 more, per can!

This got me thinking. It’s not the stores, it’s the location that determines the prices of goods being up for sale, in the stores!

No wonder those with lower incomes are struggling, to feed their families and pay the rent! They are being unknowingly price gouged, thinking the “poorer” city, is a cheaper place to live and shop at!

It’s true, over 50% of the Americans, cannot afford groceries. It’s a choice of paying rent or buying groceries. Thus many families go hungry.

Why do I run this blog for FREE? I once grew up poor, the struggle of getting food to eat, is real. When your stomach is rumbling, you’re thinking about food all the time.

When I was 9 years old, I was feeding my parents and my brother! I found a way to legally get FREE food, store sales and doubling of manufacturers’s coupons!

As the Stock Market Shopping Strategist, it has been a lifelong learning experience, where survival depends upon my wits.

We control how much money we will pay, by finding better stores in “wealthier” neighborhoods, where the groceries are much cheaper, than the “poorer” neighborhood’s groceries!

Never fall into the marketing traps, thinking it’s a “poorer” city, therefore everything is cheaper. The same goes for big box stores, which I shall not name. Not cheaper!

It pays to do your research, your homework, when you are armed with the knowledge of the marketing traps, you are no longer a victim, to be price gouged and state sales taxed, to where your money is going to the wrong places, for the wrong reasons.

This discovery of the differences in prices in the “poorer” city, being higher than those in a “wealthier” city, was a shocking eye opener!

It was time for me to resume blogging, so others can benefit and save from my discoveries.

Stick with me, as I make more discoveries, by helping you to change the way you shop and start living better than before, on pennies on the dollar!

Brenda Lee, The Stockmarket Shopping Strategist


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