Weekly Hunting For The Unadvertised Deals

Every week, without fail and without a car, I set out for my outdoors grueling workouts, walking to and from Shopping Centers. All year round, in all kinds of weather!

Plus, I bus hop. The buses lately, have been running late or not showing up at all! That means walking, loaded down with my store purchases!

The majority of my family is no longer on this Earth. The few remaining family members that I have left, are slowly dying.

So called friends, were full of hot air, never following through on those empty words, without actions!

Ha! Do not get me started on cabs, they price gouge fares, taking the long way, they say are the short cuts!

Just because I do not drive, doesn’t mean I don’t have a Driver’s License!

These roads, I have drove on and those cab drivers are full of hot air, I KNOW all the short cuts!

So the only way I get around is by becoming less dependent upon people and go about hunting for the unadvertised deals by myself.

First stop, CVS for .69 CENTS A GALLON of milk! Wait! Ibotta had .25 cents REBATE, on anything from CVS! Score! I paid .44 CENTS, for a GALLON of MILK!

Just a couple of  weeks ago, I scored $24.95 WORTH of Cereal, for FREE, at CVS! Not shown the Rice Krispies Cereal, which I turned into yummy Rice Krispies Treats!

$24.95 Worth Of Kellogg’s Cereals, For FREE!

This is further proof, that the Dollar Tree, is the WORST place to shop at!

I have $24.95 WORTH of Kellogg’s Cereals AND a .44 CENTS GALLON OF MILK, all for UNDER .50 CENTS! From CVS!

There are absolutely NO bargains at the Dollar Tree, unless it’s FREE! Check out my FREE Tetley Tea stash!

FREE Tetley Tea At The Dollar Tree!

While at the Shopping Center, popped into the Dollar Tree, to buy FREE Tetley Tea, using 2 Internet Printable Manufacturer’s Coupons, of $1.00 off one!

Each time I go into the Dollar Tree, I pick up 2 Tetley Teas, using Internet Printable Manufacturer’s Coupons, the maximum allowed per Dollar Tree’s coupon policy, found:


Came home on the bus, quickly unloaded purchases, grabbed reusable shopping bags and headed back outdoors, to chase a bus! By the way the bus ride was FREE, as I have a special ID Card.

Stopped off at another Shopping Center, since I had a 15 minute wait for the bus to the next city.

Walked to Marshalls in this sweltering heat, it’s been getting up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit!

Hi, Brenda! Says my Shopkick app, as I walk into Marshalls, here’s 50 Kicks!

A score for the hungry! I had 1,450 Kicks and needed 50 more Kicks! Feeding America, the food banks which help to provide meals for the hungry, got 60 meals, from my random acts of kindness!

Congratulations! You have enough Kicks for your Help Fight Hunger! Redeemed to Feeding America.

Dashed out the door, to chase the bus, to the next city. Whew! That was cutting it close!

Walked in this upscale neighborhood Shopping Center. Five Below and then Michaels (Craft Store).

Five Below

Michael’s (Crafts Store)

Found this golden nugget of a bargain, a brownie baking pan, with a carrying cover! It was $14.99, on CLEARANCE, for $6.00!

Who says its just for brownies?! This can also be a cake pan,  perfect for small families, to bake a homemade cake.

Oh, the numerous possibilities! A cupcake  carrier, a small picnic basket for a meal outdoors, by the lake, a portable arts and crafts carrier, for children on the go, traveling over the summer, so many uses for this adorable, red metal baking pan!

While at Michaels, I bought this gorgeous, soft yarn on sale for 2 for $3.00. I am crocheting a sun hat, the color is Charcoal. A custom made hat for $3.00!

Went to a few other stores, checking them out. Then hopped the bus, to another Shopping Center to Aldi, for some groceries.

My faithful insulated cross body shopping bag, loaded down, with purchases.

It’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit! Walking in the shade, after shopping for some groceries at Aldi, heading towards the bus home.

Return home, scan eligible purchases on my Ibotta app.

What a grand finale to my grueling outdoors workouts, while doing errands at the same time! $104.06 on Ibotta, awaiting for me to cash out. I’m saving it.

You read it right, as The Stock Market Shopping Strategist, I very hard! Not only do I run this blog, I run FIVE other blogs! Plus, I’m my mother’s caregiver! My mother has cancer and I’m providing for her, shopping, cooking and feeding her nutritious meals and snacks.

I do all of this by myself and help others, too. No matter how hectically insane my life is, I find the time to make a difference daily.

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist 🛒


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