They Are Cracking Down On Unethical Shoppers!

Finally! About time they cracked down on unethical shoppers!

As an ethical blogger, I am an ethical shopper!

What I do, is responsible…I never was an Extreme Couponer and never was an Extreme Hoarder! Plus, I never ever turned around and sold anything from the stores, anywhere!

As you know what the Extreme Couponers are doing, is illegal! Some have been caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

Because of unethical shoppers, ethical shoppers are being looked at as crooks!

Number ONE, I do NOT steal from manufacturers and stores!

Wait a minute, but I get things for almost nothing. Yes, I do. But it’s done legally!

Coupon fraud, is committed by unethical shoppers:

Stealing coupon inserts out of newspapers they didn’t buy. Stealing coupon inserts from distribution centers, that put coupon inserts into newspapers.

Why do they do that? They are running an illegal coupon clipping service, making money in the form of handling fees!

If you read all manufacturers coupons, it says NOT to be sold, they will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law!

Those that buy manufacturers coupons from coupon clipping services, are committing coupon fraud!

Manufacturers are cracking down! Shortening the life of their coupons from a month to 1 or 2 weeks, to thwart coupon clipping services!

And…Here’s the kicker…As of July 2, 2017, Proctor and Gamble, not only shortened the life of their coupons…They limit the use of those coupons…1 or 2 LIKE coupons, per HOUSEHOLD, per DAY!

From the Sunday, July 2, 2017 The Washington Post…You only get 13 days to use this coupon!

The stores have also  joined forces, putting limits on their merchandise!

CVS: Limit 3

Big Lots: Limit 4

Manufacturers and stores are cracking down on those Extreme Couponers, the unethical shoppers, who misuse coupons and wipe the shelves off products!

Unethical shoppers, turn around and illegally sell ill gotten goods, for a profit! It’s illegal here, as the health department regulates food, and beauty/health products, it MUST come from a store!

You do not know if the unethical shoppers tampered with the stuff they turn around and sell. They could use a jar of beauty cream up and replace it with a questionable “cream”! Now do you see why it’s illegal to sell store bought food and/or beauty/health products, for a profit at yard sales, Craig’s List, eBay and so on…

Anyways, when coupon fraud is committed, the stores take a LOSS, because they won’t get reimbursed by the manufacturers!

Guess who pays for the consequences of unethical shoppers, when they commit coupon fraud and/or shoplift thus stealing from the store…Ethical shoppers are paying for unethical shoppers stealing, it gets passed on in the form of higher prices, on all the merchandise!

Unfair, I know! Yet, I see unethical blogs and unethical vlogs, regarding questionable shopping hauls and questionable  advice! They are enabling this fleecing to go on, the greed is obvious! They are frauds, who click bait the naive for the money, giving false advice that could get their naive audience prosecuted for committing fraud, by following the said false advice!

You won’t believe how far some unethical shoppers go! Some have taken to altering manufacturers coupons! Like using a $3.00 off 1 Manufacturers Coupon for name brand diapers, on illegally getting FREE toothpaste, in the same name brand family!

Do not get me started on coupon counterfeiters…

There are ongoing stings, gathering evidence against unethical shoppers to be prosecuted! Stealing and profiting off manufacturers and stores, is a SERIOUS crime!

When manufacturers coupons are used legally, the stores get their money back plus a “handling fee”!

See? I do NOT steal, I am an ethical shopper, who follows the manufacturers coupon requirements, to a T! The stores make a profit!

And the Store Coupons? Listen up…All stores have markups, some higher than others! JC Penney has high markups on their merchandise, so when they  offer a store coupon discount, the price reflects the near true retail price of the merchandise! Not exactly a bargain to shop at JC Penney! No wonder JC Penney is struggling to stay afloat! With 1,700 various stores closing it’s doors permanently…JC Penney, will soon go the way of the dodo bird!

The Dollar Tree, is by far the worst store to shop at, yet they have security guards, because of shoplifters!

When I did cost analysis of shopping at the Dollar Tree, I was shocked! They sell “trial” size products, to whereas keeping naive customers in a cycle of perpetual poverty, keeping them coming back buying more “trial” sized products!

You’re better off shopping elsewhere, you get more product for less, than you would at the Dollar Tree!

Like unethical shoppers, there are some unethical stores! Pure GREED!

Ethical shoppers like me are cracking down! We are getting tired of being treated like we’re crooks, because of unethical shoppers!

By taking back my power, the stores no longer fleece me, with their price gouging!

When I shop, I have to deal with unethical shoppers, who will mow you down with their shopping carts! Also, I have to deal with questionable business practices of some unethical stores! And don’t get me started on the price gouging prices!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist 🛒


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