Stores Are Ruining Into Bankruptcy!

When I head to the stores…I notice a lot of red flags!

This past Monday, I went to the Shopping Center, to buy 2 Liter Pepsis on sale at CVS, for .99 cents each.

But first, I had to stop at the ATM. Walking on my way to the ATM, a Pepsi truck was out back of CVS. A delivery of Pepsis!

CVS’ sales ad comes out every Sunday, in print format and online. This was how I knew they had Pepsis on sale.

After returning from the ATM, I went inside CVS. No 2 Liter Pepsis on the shelf! Mind you, I gave them time to put some Pepsis on the shelf, I gave them thirty minutes!

Walked out of CVS empty handed!

Returned to CVS on Wednesday, no Pepsis on the shelf! The Pepsi truck just made a delivery on Monday, I was there that day!

Left empty handed again…Do you see the pattern?… Advertising the sales, but hoarding the sales items in the back!

Went back to CVS on Friday… Only ONE 2 Liter Pepsi on the shelf!!!

I was steaming mad!!! Being played by CVS, hoarding sales items in the back, wasting my time!

Have you figured out why I was steaming mad?

CVS was playing mind games with me,  they got in a Pepsi delivery on Monday…It took me three times coming out to CVS, to get ONE 2 Liter Pepsi! I wanted my limit, which was THREE, that they allowed per customer!

Here’s the slap in my face…I went to CVS for the fourth time, on Saturday…The last day of the sale…There was a shelf full of 2 Liter Pepsis!!!

You see CVS hoards the sales items, they tell you sorry we don’t have it. But you show up on Saturday, which is the last day of the sale…There’s the very items you asked them about a few days ago!

That is no way to run a business…Hoarding the sale ad merchandise in the back…Playing mind games with customers!

And they wonder why over 1,700 stores are closing this year, including some CVS stores!

Sears, just announced a few days ago, they were closing it’s doors permanently!

Customers are fed up! Including me! We hate to shop at stores that hoard their sales merchandise in the back and the store employees playing mind games…”Sorry, we do not have it in stock!” What a piece of garbage line they feed me! I KNEW they got in a delivery of Pepsis on Monday and it was Wednesday!

Buyer Beware! Don’t let them play mind games on you, at the stores!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist 🛒


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