Game Changer: With 1,700 Store Closures This Year

Since I am The Stock Market Shopping Strategist, it takes a lot of hard work, doing my reading and researching, to stay ahead of a shaky economy.

Also, I take in the signs of an economy, that isn’t on a solid foundation. You cannot trust the United States government, to tell you the truth about the economy.

I KNEW we were in a recession, when Dubya, was our President. It was during this time, that a lot of people bought houses! The United States Government sugarcoated the harsh reality, that we were in a deep recession. What happened next, people who invested in buying a house, lost that house, when they lost their jobs and the banks were calling in the loans.

Already we are in another deep recession, do not be fooled! Batten down the hatches. After number 45, the billionaire, runs The United States Of America, into the ground, will things turn around.

Today, I scanned the store sales ads. Already the stores are tightening their belts, or they will become another statistic, one of the 1,700 stores filing for bankruptcy, thus the thousands of store closures!

The luxury stores are also feeling the pressure, sales are down each quarter.

In Bethesda, Maryland, where I was born, is an old money, tony neighborhood. The luxury mall there, has become a ghost town! Mind you, Bethesda is just a few miles up the road, from the seat of power, Washington, DC!

You see, they don’t tell you that stuff. Since I was born and raised here, I know the truth! I see the truth, a luxury mall ghost town, store closures, stores downsizing to stay afloat, before declaring bankruptcy.

Look at the signs around you, do your homework and research. Pay close attention to the telling signs, like the store’s sales ads, more regular price merchandise, than sale price merchandise!

Luckily for me, I bought and stocked my kitchen and supplies closet, for pennies on the dollar, using my Stock Market Shopping Strategies!

I can ride out the high prices, since it was just Memorial Day weekend,  the foods are pricier, because of summer picnics and cookouts.

Basically, I buy milk and bread every 10 days, cherry picking from store’s sales ads, when what I need is at it’s lowest price point, buying enough until next sales cycle. Of course, I pay attention to the food’s expiration dates.

Being The Stock Market Shopping Strategist, it is my goal to stay ahead of a shaky economy and help others, to be able to buy groceries, for pennies on the dollar.

I have been doing this since I was NINE years old. We were POOR, because my Carpenter father, paid for my open heart surgery, the heart specialist doctors and the Children’s Hospital bills, out of his pocket!

Thanks to my parents, in giving me a chance to live, I repaid them, by getting us free food, using Manufacturer’s Coupons doubled and combined with store sales.

How many kids do you know, that are feeding their parents without money, legally?

This kid grew up to become, “The Stock Market Shopping Strategist”!

I’ve been poor, hungry, freezing and wearing hand me down clothes from the rich ladies, my grandmother used to clean houses for.

This blog was started, teaching the world how to survive and be able to eat, without going hungry or broke.

I refuse any monetary gain. This blog is my making a difference in the world gift, keeping others from going hungry or becoming homeless.

Thank you, for stopping by and reading my blog. It means more to me than any amount of money.

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist


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