Wait A Cherry Picking Minute!

The fine art of cherry picking, is scanning store’s sales advertisements, finding the gems of a real sale, amongst regular priced merchandise in the store’s sales advertisements, determining if what you need, is at it’s lowest price point.

Yes, stores add regular priced merchandise amongst sale priced merchandise, in their store advertisements! It’s another gimmick stores use to get you to buy, buy!

When the stores get you to buy, buy…Say bye, bye to your hard earned money!

You have to be aware of the obscene markups stores charge on their merchandise. You have to take your power back, get educated and outsmart the stores at their games!

Recently, I did a cost analysis of making my own filled cupcakes, at .21 cents each VS a grocery store’s bakery cupcake, at $3.50 each. That’s a 1,700% profit the grocery store is making off you, when you buy an innocent looking filled cupcake!

By cherry picking from several store’s advertisements, selecting their loss leaders that you wish to buy, you’re in control of what you wish to spend, cutting into the store’s obscene markups!

I know of no one wanting the stores to charge them 1,700%+ on any merchandise, that they buy. Remember, you have to pay any state sales taxes if applicable, on those huge markups, that the store charges you!

Obscene store markups and paying more state sales taxes, is why it is impossible to live the American Dream.

I’m pretty sure, it’s the cause of over 50% of the Americans, being unable to afford groceries, they’re going hungry.

We cannot control our rent/mortgage, but we can control the store’s buy, buy tactics, to get us to pay those obscene markup prices.

As you can see from my shopping list, I’m cherry picking, matching lowest prices with coupons, getting a few things FREE!

I’ve mastered the fine art of cherry picking, paying very little in the process, with a mini stockpile to last me a few weeks.

Paying “retail” is what the stores hope you do, because they have those obscene 1,000%+ markups! They are fleecing you and getting away with it!

Brenda Lee, The Stock Market Shopping Strategist


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