$40.97 Worth At Walgreens For $3.97


When you study ads and do your homework, before spending a penny…You save not only money, but time…FREE paper plates, saves my time from washing too many dishes by hand…

I am doing it all, running two websites, doing all the shopping and cooking, taking care of my mother who has cancer, wheeling her to doctors appointments in her wheel chair, without a car…The public bus is my mode of transportation!

Also, I do my own frugal luxurious manicures, fix my own laptop (I’m a former computer professional) and I find the time to read, do my artwork and enjoy the charming Sicilian gentleman’s company online.

The Sicilian gentleman, quietly gives me his strength, to make a difference in this world, to where I try harder, to find solutions…

I dedicate this first blog post to the Sicilian gentleman. Without his quiet strength, I won’t have created “The Stock Market Shopping Strategist” website.



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